Courtney Breul Photography: Blog en-us (C) Courtney Breul Photography (Courtney Breul Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Courtney Breul Photography: Blog 120 80 Focus on Life - Week 40 {Give Us a Smile} I have smiles all the way around today!


Moose ! 

The blow playing with the leaf blower!

The girl and the dog! 


Please see what other smiles everyone else found.

(I have been having problems with the linky code, so you can click here to go to Sally's blog and move around)


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Lensbaby Project - September Another great month!

We headed out for a baseball game on a spectacular summer evening last month.

The weather was cool, the humidity was down and the breeze was amazing. Which

is all pretty amazing for August in DC.


I am slowly getting used to this lens. I love playing with it but find myself getting 

frustrated with my inability. 

Please circle in over to Michelle Quattrin-Photography to see what she 

captured this month.

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Focus on Life - Week 39 {Your Best Shot} Your Best Shot

I went in two different directions with this one

(love that I have that flexibility)

So bummed that this was not in focus, I was battling with that darned fence.

After he caught this, he did this!

He was so psyched!

The other way I went was my best shot.

I adore this shot. Still learning, but I think I nailed it :)

Again, thank you Sally for another great week.

Please hop around and see what others shot.


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Focus on Life - Week 37 {In Motion} Sally's que this week was 

In Motion

Last Saturday I headed down to our local farmer's market, which happens to be

right next to the train tracks. Naturally, I timed the visit and brought my camera.

(Picture heavy)


But these are my favorite

I managed to catch a few folks having their waffles (amazing by the way) in between the cars.


I know that there is no blur, worked hard on that. I can only hope that these few can convey

the motion, the thunder from the wheels, the wind from the motion. It was wonderful!


Please visit everyone else and see what they captured.



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Focus on Life - Week 36 {in two} Two. 

Two faces.

That see me every day, love me every day

and are wonderful!

Both are rescues from GRREAT.ORG

worth checking out.

Thank you Sally, for having us take a moment to look around.



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Lensbaby Project {August} Yes, I know that I have been absent for a bit and for that I apologize. I had foot surgery and apparently thought that I would be up and about much sooner than I am.  I am just now picking up the camera again - not overly confident of using my camera whilst on crutches. :)  So nice to be back. 


I had a blast with my camera while on vacation! These are from our trip to Ohio this summer.


Lake Erie

Dinosaurs (still roaming the earth) at Cedar Point Amusement Park



I dropped my daughter off at college this past weekend and was up early on Sunday driving home when I came across this cemetery with the remnants of early morning fog. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

This is such a wonderful monthly experience. It is taking me out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing. 

Please circle on over to Elly Swerdlow's blog to see her pictures.



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Focus on Life - Week 34 {Add Something}

This week Sally wants us to "add something", to play around with the photo editing software programs that are out

there. I do my editing in Lightroom at the moment (learning Photoshop) so I did just that.  Below is a shot from our vacation this summer.

Did you know that dinosaurs still roam the land?

Ok, just kidding.  We were at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio and found these! Love them. I am loving the juxtapositon of them

with the rollercoasters in the background.  I sharpened and added a few layers to create this one. I loved how it turned out, in fact

the 16x20 is hanging in my laundry room. 


Please visit around the group and see what everyone "added".



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Focus on Life - Week 33 {In Season}

This week's prompt - In Season!  So easy and wonderful. And open to intrepretation.

Farm fresh, vine ripened tomatoes - there is nothing like summer tomatoes!

Fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese!

Fresh peaches! To be eaten over the sink with juice running down your face!

Or you could go this direction - in season, the end of summer means the Fair!

We love the fair! And the weather was amazing! 75 degrees!! 

We had a blast!

Hard to believe that summer is coming to a close, feels like it has flown by. I am not sure if

I am ready for school! Are you? Yet there is something familiar about the routine. I know that Sally has has a tough go of it with her

blog, please stop by and say hi!


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Focus on Life - Week 32 {From Where I Stand} Week 32 - I know I have been MIA for a bit. Had foot surgery, couldn't safely hold the camera or stand! But I am back.  Our prompt is "From Where I Stand".   I know that this is a departure, as I am not standing. It was vacation, we were in the car at this great wildlife park, the African Safari Wildlife Park. You stay in your car, drive through and FEED THE ANIMALS.  We had the best fun, all of us, full belly laugh type of fun. In fact, we drove through a second time (had nothing to do with having a buffalo head in the van. 






His head is HUGE!

Loving the noses!

Please visit Sally's blog to see where everyone else is standing!

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Focus on Life - Week 18 {Abstract}  

Our focus this week was the abstract.



"Abstract: the use of a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

All things have form, color, and lines we just need to step back and step away from the literal image you see through the lens.

Take into account the lines, color or form and look for a more figurative composition. A blurred reflection in a puddle, the photo above I took of brightly colored petals of a flower slightly blurred and cropped close."



This is actually one of the panes in my front door with the morning

light starting to come through. I played in pixlr and 

ended with this. It is a bit etherial, I think.


Please hop on over to Sally's blog to see how others

interpreted and found their abstracts!

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Focus on Life - Week 17 {Color}  

Focus on Life - Week 17 {Color}

Our prompt was Color!
"Whether photographing a full shot of amazing colors or small pops of color against a muted background, this week break out your camera and capture some color.   Think about how the colors of the shot effect your mood, feelings, perception of your surroundings!  Focus on how the colors impact your decision to take a particular shot. "

I saw the prompt on Saturday with the word color in the header 
and I hadn’t even read the email. 

I went upstairs to my bedroom, looked out the window and saw this.
There wasn't even a second thought, ran downstairs and grabbed my camera.

How spectacular, laundry drying in the spring breeze.
Now these are old but so colorful!
The University of Maryland's Holi celebration last year. I can 
not express the joy I felt taking these. 
Partly because it was a spectacular spring 
day, partly because of the amazing color, and mostly because
my daughter invited me to come along and take the pictures.
Sally asks us to think about how colors of the shot affect our mood - 
pure joy, for both.
The top one is pure simplicity and stunning, 
these bottom ones, joy.
Please hop over to Sally's blog to see how others found
color this week.


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Lensbaby Project (April) We had no theme this month, which was fine.

Spring has sprung and my focus was on that.

(My pictures are taken with the Muse)

Glorious hats from Williamsburg

And lastly, these guys watched the road on the way home!!

Next in the circle is

Melanie Hood

Please follow our circle and see what these amazing women have done.

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Focus on Life - Week 16 {Take a Walk}  

Our prompt was to grab our camera, open the front door 
and step outside into the fresh air.
Take a Walk!
So I did.
Flower stalking! :)
And lastly, this is my fav!
Please visit Sally's blog and see what
everyone else found on their walks!
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Special Kids Are Beautiful! I am so lucky to be able to participate in Lisa Sinclair's Special Kids Are Beautiful event. Lisa created this event to give EVERY child the opportunity to feel special and to be photographed! We all know that life moves very fast and it is those small moments and photographs that make the difference. I will be shooting on June 8th at Brookfield Gardens in Silver Spring.   Please see the below flyer for information. You are also welcome to contact me and I can help. 


I am thrilled to be a part of this!!


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